Learning how to garden in Paradise

Bumbye, a never-tested windbreak will get built, but for now, the wind wins.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunset Red Horizon -Harvest time!

Harvest Time!

I watched every day to see the full coloration develop - then, it was time. I clipped the stem and cleaned it off. Wrapped in a bit of paper, I took it to the postoffice and weighed it, when no one was there.

It weighed in at 1 lb 8.9 oz, so I had to make a huge hamburger to do it justice. Alas, I didn't pause to take a picture - but it was delicious! Several nice salads and tomato and avocado sandwiches followed. I saw some red deeper in the bush - if you look back at the title pic of the blog, it was already ripening then. I poked about some more. Another giant was at the back! OK, I'm loving this!

I added the dollar to give it some scale -then we made more great meals, and I haven't even gotten to BLTA's! Hmm, I need to look for more out there. I did put some peaches into the freezer, but I was tired of the blanching, skinning, slicing, da kine. Several times, I just wolfed them down, other times I added some ice cream. I should prune that tree just to burn off the calories. We will miss that tree after next year, when I finally get to come home to stay. I think it might be another 12 or 14 months, but I'm making lots of plans to try out in Maui.

My priority for the garden will be to shield it from the trades that whomp it regularly, so I have been thinking of putting up a big PVC frame and covering it with some fabric that won't shred apart. I probably should see how the pro's do it, so I don't have to do it all trial and error. We'll see if I can devise some steps to get around the steep slope orchard, too, as it is too hard - and dangerous - to scooch along in the clumped grass there. Maybe I get some climbing gear, ropes and safety belt just to play it safe. The previous owner had planted fig, mango, and citrus, but the drip system doesn't seem to work. I gotta get back!