Learning how to garden in Paradise

Bumbye, a never-tested windbreak will get built, but for now, the wind wins.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tomatoes love roses, I think

I hope everyone got through the recent rains without damage. I had the best of intentions to get out and pull weeds, especially on my little path of steppers [sigh], but the rains got the upper hand. As we all know, Maui's weather can pop clear, sunny and bright right in the midst of a downpour, so a few pictures were taken at my entry area.

If I ever can figure how to put pictures in the right spot as I write this post, let alone cut them down to a decent size - [ sigh x 3]. I apologize if this comes out all mixed up, but obviously I need to work at this more often than every several months.

The rampant vines - just 2 - of a volunteer yellow pear tomato - have swarmed all over our weary old roses, managing to avoid mildew (but not an occasional determined slug!), with sets of 4 to 6 tasty fruit that can be allowed to ripen together.

Picking them is usually fun, because one only needs to "tickle" them to get them to jump into the outstretched hand. However, I've managed to draw blood more than once while reaching into the thicket.

Hopefully, I can put up a couple of pictures of the "real garden" once I can remove my easiest crop, the weeds. Tune in later, after the next storm series has passed us. Abbita-abbita-abbita - t-t-that's all, folks!