Learning how to garden in Paradise

Bumbye, a never-tested windbreak will get built, but for now, the wind wins.

Monday, July 5, 2010

What I've learned in all-too-short visits:

1. Everything seems to grow in Maui. I exempt stone fruits and really cold-loving stuff, but only wind is the great equalizer. Corn looks funny lodged at 45 degrees off vertical.

2. Weeds are so easy to grow - corn is not (as yet).

3. You have to water carefully, as the rain doesn't last long enough, except to spot the windows.

4. It's hard to have too much compost or mulch.

5. I never saw snails the size of small conch, or slugs as big as my hand, all black with a tan stripe, like some sort of race car. They can fly straight down into the gulch really fast.

6. Whatever you knew about trellises, just increase them to supersize, anchored to hold the Queen Mary in port. A block wall isn't enough of a windbreak.

Meanwhile, back in OC, I have only citrus and avocados, with a giant bush of rosemary, making really nice skewers for kabobs. Making a weird appearance peaches have come in like never before, bending and breaking even the big branches, so pruning this year will be easy. Who knew?


  1. Those peaches are so beautiful! And that is one huge tomato - I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's ripe. Your blog looks great!

  2. Aloha, Jane
    Thanks for kind comments. I'm such a noob on blogging, but I'll catch on eventually. I hope to freeze a couple of quarts or more of those peaches. The early picks never got into the kitchen!

  3. Pukalani is a great place for a garden, you ARE Pomaika'i Barry!
    Did you build the raised beds yourself? Nine, that's a good number.
    The size of those slugs is unbelievable yah? i keep thinking a rosemary skewer, a hot hibachi, maybe some garlic butter...

  4. I love your thoughts on weeds. They are easy to grow, aren't they?